The record store

Royan, June 1985

Depeche Mode. Of course, I’ve heard their name before, a quite famous name as far as I know ; but searching in my memory I didn’t hear anything from them before.

Sitting in the front of the car, Colin gives me amused glances.
“ D’you think we’ll have the time to go at the record store in Royan before tonight mum?
– But Colin, aren’t you exhausted enough? You felt asleep in this train…
– I’m perfectly fine now, and it’s for an emergency. I take Epo with me, the 4L still starts well?
– What do you have in mind, you both?
– Never mind mum, Epo and I we’ll join you at the Dumonts’. I’ll take my shower in Capucine’s bathroom ; but can you please prepare my clothes and bring them for me?  Plaid pants, suspenders, black tank top …
– Edouard is going to comment on your outfit again…
– He will be there? One more reason !
– I find you a little ungrateful, my boy, he promised to make things easier for you when you’ll integrate Normale Sup in Paris.
– Who knows what life has in store for us until then? I just want to be “kindly” dressed to blow away your boredom at this party… You can do me this little favor, mum?

And he kisses her tenderly on the cheek. As usual, all her doubts vanish at this time.
I envy my brother for this ability he has to always be original and charming at the same time. I still believe that he devotes a lot of effort on deconstructing his image of good student and kind boy. But when he’s here, time flies at full speed. Like now where we jumped from one car to another; in the old 4L which nevertheless took us to Morocco three years ago. The heat is unbearable in it despite the open windows, however, we’re driving slowly along the sea, which makes the traffic jam more pleasant. All those people who’ve worked hard all winter and spring long yearn for terraces on the seafront; and I seem to hear this song, my song,  through a door next to us.

Shake The Disease will shake up summer nights, sister. You really didn’t hear it before ?
– I would have remembered. It was so special, I mean earlier, like I wasn’t in my body anymore…
– I guess I understand what you feel ; I’ve experienced that before , with music. I’m sure they’re some kind of signs those … ecstasies. We have to feed them , so, shall we go for it?”

Colin hard pulls the handbrake, and just after, we’re walking arm in arm in the crowd ; under the golden sun which blinds and streams over the seafront.
Drums beat heavy on the red walls in the crowded record shop , and seeing Colin arrive, a saler with a geometric brush cut peroxided on top, in a advantageously white tight 501 leaves a couple of customers and joins us.

“ Hey Colin ! It’s been ages… what can I do for you?
– Not for me , dude, for my sister . What have you got for Shake The Disease ?”

The guy barely looks at me, and take Colin to the shelves.
“ Well it’s weird; nothing announces that they will release a 33 rpm this summer… But here’s the 12”maxi-single version.”
He pulls off a large cover, half in black; with a weird picture of a man raising his arms in a thick line of multicolored paint. I didn’t expect this picture that I like now, Colin and the boy are surprised at my reaction.

“ We never have enough of songs we love; maxi 45 rpm are lovely for that… Would you please give us the simple 45 rpm also? To dance with uninitiated friends …
– When you’ll be bored of them, there’s a real New Wave party in Rochefort on Friday night. Will you finally join us, you intellectual?
– I’ll try , David … Are you still playing with your band?
– No, I’ve met more interesting guys… in La Rochelle. Potential was a little limited here, and in terms of girls…
– If you’re interested, I spend the evening at Capucine’s… Parents’ party…

The famous “David” pat him friendly but a little hard on the shoulder.

“ Nice of you , sugar. But I’m not fond of snobbishes…”

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