Pictures and Ice cream soda …

                Royan, June 1985

Colin wants to take his time in Royan, he wants to enjoy the early evening by the sea, with all those people strolling and sitting down everywhere.

“ We’ll arrive late. There’s no point on hurrying in an hour like this. What about our unreasonable coke- float with Malabar-strawberry ice cream in it?”

I jump into my adorable brother’s arms. He always knows what pleases me , all the more so if we disobey our parents a little… and just before taking a seat on the terrace, he grabs a magazine from the little kiosk next to our favorite Café.

“ Maybe you want to know how they look like… the article is in the middle, I think.”

While I’m searching , he lights a cigarette and scans through his mirror sunglasses the crowd of young people who also notice him.

I laugh by seeing the four boys on glossy paper.

“ The guy in the middle , what is he doing?
– Oh, this is Martin Gore, says Colin leaning over the photo, maybe you’ll reconsider his style by knowing that without him there would be no Shake The Disease, no Master and Servant and all their gorgeous songs. He’s the heart of the band. Lyrics and melodies, it all comes from him…
– I still prefer the one who rests his head on his shoulder.
– Alan Wilder. In fact you’ve got good taste. He joined the band a little bit later, and he’s a magnificent musician. A classical pianist basically.
– Like you?
– Nothing to compare, sister.”

I couldn’t say now how I loved this moment with Colin, the taste of unctuous and chemical melting ice-dream in sweet to death soda, almost head to head over the magazine.

“ On the left, there’s Andy Fletcher; he plays synthesizer also; and you see the main singer at the bottom. Doesn’t his hairstyle remind you of someone?
– David , I guess.
– His name’s Dave…
– Oh, I see… just because he wears the same name he will copy all of him…
– You don’t seem to like David very much, why?
– I found him contemptuous.
– He’s not, I can assure you. Once you know him, he’s the embodied loyalty. I met him in Cordouan; he was the kind a little angry with school; the archetype of heartbreaker… and the perfect friend for me ! I thought you would found him cute…
– I don’t know if I should have an opinion on this…

I leaf through the magazine a little nervously, surprised that my brother undertakes me on such a subject.

– But as I see, Alan will definitely win the palm … Well, we probably have to go now. Even if I find it unfair to impose this evening on us while I have just returned from Bordeaux and that I am dead tired.
– I didn’t congratulate you for your…rank in first year? I’m sorry, I don’t know precisely why everybody considers this as such a success.
– Because it’s nothing extraordinary, for the time being. It’s just something that feeds the pride of family, and relatives. I did it, but I don’t recognize myself in this part anymore.

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