Stunning girls

Saujon, August 1985

To cheers, the cork goes vertically, exactly through the sunroof of the 4L.

– How did you do that ?
– David is also a specialist to open beer bottles all at once with the teeth! laughes Colin , driving the car.
– So “little sister” , says Simon ( one of Colin’s prépa Montaigne mate) ; how does it feel to go for the first time at a decadents’ party?
– Operetta decadents… Luckily dad knows Valentine and liked her well as a student. If he saw her now! We’ll have good fun …
– It’s here Colin, you can stop on the side, says David casually.

I’m surprised we stop here, in the middle of trees.
– We could not leave the house in our party’s outfits. Would you please do my eyes, Eponine?

I follow him and Simon in the middle of a lost pine wood, in which hardly the evening light passes.

“ He wants to have his little sister with him, so that I don’t do anything stupid.”

I find Colin handsome when his eyes are underlined in black, that’s why I trained to make him up. But the total decency lack of the two boys who undress in front of me disconcerts me a bit.
“ Don’t you see that your brother’s got the most exciting tits in the galaxy?
– Why d’you think I’ve chosen an oversize “Marcel” ?
– Your new leather trousers …it makes you one of those asses.
– Grabbed in American Surplus… I didn’t imagine I would find one there !
At this moment, Simon catches Colin’s arms , and kisses him “frenchly” in a falling ray of gold.

I move away to find David  sitting on the hood and smoking.
– They’ve finally done it?
– Yeah, but they’re taking their “moment”.
– You don’t seem perfectly relaxed…
– Well, you know, in the space of just a few minutes, I see my brother half naked, then in ultra-tight leather trousers, and kissing a guy greedily..
– Does it shock you?
– No, but that’s a lot all at once.
– More, those bastards took the bottle… Don’t move , I will speed up the movement.

His cigarette is still smoking on the ground , I hear the pine needles’ mat cracking.
“ He’s peed on my shirt !”

It’s David who takes the wheel now, and I sit in the dead man’s place while Colin and Simon are behind, giggling like school mates (they are).

Valentine’s birthday takes place in her parents’ house, isolated in the countryside  adjacent to Saujon.
I waited all July for Colin to take me in one of these evenings; but I must admit that now I’m scared. Even if I am not the youngest, Valentine has a 14 years old brother too, but I feel that’s an alibi. And I’m afraid I’ll play the “green plant” all night among all these “grown up”.

But when we arrive, the music immediately grabs me, a feminine voice
We found you hiding, we found you lying
Choking on the dirt and sand
It’s wonderful, but I don’t dare to be ridiculous by asking what it is.

In the smoky half-light, there is a smell of perfumes and alcohol coming from all those bodies waving , their eyes to the ceiling.
Girls are magnificent, with their fishnet stockings and their hair like bouquets of fireworks. Me who spent hours in front of my mirror, I realize that the road will be very long before I reach this natural felinity that they give off ( I believe it at the time) without thinking about it.

“ Hi, you’re Colin’s sister aren’t you? I’m Valentine. I hope you’ll spend good times here , we’ll watch over you.”
I realize that Colin, Simon and David have disappeared.

I stammer, stunned by this tall brunette who drags me into the kitchen.
“ Would you please help us to prepare the bloody cocktails for everyone? Boys are useless…
– Is it Colin’s sister? asks another girl, with an emerald square hairstyle shaved on the sides. G’evening beauty… You don’t look like him or your father…
– No, retorts another siren with long straight purple hair which fall all the way down to her hips, but I think I see your mother.
– Do you know her? asks Valentine.
– Yes, she made a replacement in English in Marennes when I was fifteen. A beautiful woman, I adored her.”

Somehow I’m confused.
What, a girl like that, who seems straight out of the fashion pages of City, and who neither raves about Colin’s charm, nor about daddy’s culture; but on mum’s beauty … She would be so pleased, she who is so complexed by this bastard status of teacher among all her “friends” with their prestigious and stable jobs.
I’ll always be grateful to this girl.

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