These Radiant Hours …

Saujon , August 1985

Immediatly, everybody rushes on those surprising cakes, from which the biscuit base is torn with both hands, and cream scattered all over the lips, while strawberries explode under the teeth.
It’s with a full mouth and a snowy nose that guests generously congratulate Colin and Simon who join us, and so does David, after his part at the turntables.

There are also questions about Alban ‘s (far too) simple outfit.
“ What happens to you , queen of gays? It seems you didn’t even change yourself after work.
– It’s exactly what I did. But well, you’ve got natural style or not, bitches …”

David complains a lot about the girls, whose whims of ethereal will finally be answered since he is no longer the one who puts the music, behind the bar where two record players have been installed.
“What’s wrong with you, you killjoy? All girls and myself love “Treasure”, it’s an excellent record ! “protests Alb who takes me for a waltz, without giving me time to tell him that I absolutely do not know how to dance the waltz. But never mind … this waltz is above all an improvised and hectic tourbillon, to turn around and around the room, and tangling our legs is apparently part of the fun.

I’ve never heard such a music; the singer’s voice, so virtuoso that it seems to multiply, gives me thrills of joy. Everyone now seems to imitate Alban, improbable couples are formed; like Colin dragging David who groans at having to drop his cocktail for a dance.
When we move past the bar, the guy whose silhouette I can only see through the smoke, thumbs up to Alb. We turn on ourselves . DJ’s kissing Valentine who has just brought him an enormous piece of cake and a cocktail. One more turn, and I see him joyfully raising his arm, and with the other, nimbly slide over the second record player.
It will be the magic part of the night.

I hardly know any song plaid , but  all of them make me feverish. Sylvain finally jumps among the dancers when it’s Joy Division “ The only thing I like in your damn music !” And indeed , I didn’t think we could dance so frantically to the sound of this group of which I only knew the tragic story ( and “Love will tear us apart” that Colin plays regularly in his room). Pieces of these hours celebrate the power of drums, metallic guitars , synthetic layers, mesmerizing basses.

Let me take your hand
I’m shaking like milk

Songs that follow one another are greeted with fever, jerky dances focus on arms movement. I eagerly listen to learn the names of these bands , but the heat, the rhythm, the blood beating at my temples burning from alcohol most often prevents me. I however hold back names; New Order, Siouxsie, The Sisters of Mercy (which unleashes passions)
And it’s so damn true, that it’s so good to live this era, to dance on all this, with all young adults united in New Wave, and expressing there , during these little sleepless hours, all their pleasure breathes repressed by the day and its social conveniences.

How summer night is beautiful and crystal clear through the windows, how rhythm is good when it never goes out.
I’m barely 14 years old and I get it all in armfuls. I stock up on melodies, sounds and words  in my little head, I stock up everything which inspires life and will never leave me.
Alb will send me a picture later on. Coquelicot  kissing me in the crowd on Psychedelic Furs’ Alice’s house. My first real lover’s kiss.

I wish it didn’t stop, and I saw dawn like an enemy appearing  through the windows. David had to go back to the record store in Royan in the afternoon. Parents would be furious to see us show up so late, or so early…

From the end, I still see Alb consoling my sad head, by “scratching” my neck.
“ Work well this year, little Epo, and join us in La Rochelle. I’ll be so glad to show you places where we have fun and dance…”

I’d like to see Coquelicot before living, but she’s talking with the “music player”, tears in her eyes; and he’s listening to her, tasting a second huge slice of cake, Valentine’s head resting languidly on his shoulder.

Then, the heat in the car, still very intense despite the night that has just passed.

“ Shame that we could not say goodbye to the poor Coco, regrets David
– She chose her personal therapy, but I have doubts about the shrink’s choice… insinuates Colin
– No , no. Not with her. They’re friends since High School. “

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