All Alb in a letter

La Rochelle, August 1985

My very dear Eponine,

Thank you so much for your letter, it’s always a pleasure to see young people awakening to music with so much passion. I think it’s primordial for us to answer quickly then.

But it wasn’t that easy  to find the songs’ list plaid at Val’s birthday. Virgile always has a ton of records on hand, precisely so as not to act according to a prior plan, but to follow and accompany the “temperature” of a room, bring somme kind of coloring that can be uplifting; whether it calls for movement or at times for a deeper breathing. And in all of this it has to come to what people like and expect.

I thought I noticed that your brother Colin didn’t like him very much, I wouldn’t say it’s reciprocal because Virgile doesn’t care; and usually he doesn’t care for anything except music. It’s sad , they’re both sweet, and there’s no precise reason for this animosity. I guess it’s because we’ve got two ambitious temperaments there, in different fields.

We’ve plaid together since a quite long time now, making sounds for several parties, some not at all of our style ( but it’s always been a good exercise) . We’ve been able to earn enough for our firts mixing board, and Virgil could collect the money he needed to pay for an Emulator
But for my part I have no musical pretensions. I play just for fun , sometimes to improve myself, but I don’t want to annoy my parents , who already are not rolling in gold, nurturing dreams of musical glory.

In fact, I’m studying law; and I’m doing little jobs to afford it . Most often as a server with an employee student status, which allows me, thanks God, to stay in La Rochelle.
Because my university is in Poitiers , and oh my , what else to do in such a depressing town other than burry your head under loads of pillows and listen to Joy Division?

But I’m always digressing too much… I’m sorry, honey, you will find the coveted list with this letter and more, this interesting picture of the party, that I do not resist sending you…
That said, don’t idealize our world too much, pleasant and inspiring certainly, but just as filled with tensions and rivalries as any other.

And once more, listen to your brother’s wise words ( I’m sure he has some) , and do your best this year. I would have dreamed of a classical guitar training like yours, and it will be a real chance to take lessons at La Rochelle’s  conservatory with your section in Dautet High School…

In the meantime, enjoy your last hours of vacation, and I wish you all the success for your last year in Royan.
Queen of gays kisses you, don’t hesitate to call her when blues comes…

See you (very) soon

Alb(recht) !

6 commentaires sur “All Alb in a letter

  1. Here you are , after « Bela Luogosi’s Dead »
    « Ceremony » ( Joy Di / New Order)
    « Wax and Wane  » (Cocteau)
    « A Forest » (Cure)
    « Never Come Back » (Kas Product)
    « Ziggy Stardust » ( Bauhaus)
    « Dead Souls » ( Joy Di)
    « Three Imaginary Boys » ( Cure)
    « Love Like Blood » (Killing Joke)
    « Alice’s House » (Psychedelic Furs)
    « Love My Way » ( Psychedelic Furs)
    « Someone Somewhere in Summertime » ( Simple Minds)
    « Ice Machine » ( Depeche Mode, live in Basel)
    « Don’t You Want Me » ( The Human League)
    « Christine » ( Siouxsie and The Banshees)
    « Temptation » ( New Order)
    « Handsome Devil » ( Smiths)
     » Bring on the dancing horses » (Echo and the Bunnymen)
    « Let Me Go » ( Heaven 17)
    « Burning down The House » ( Talking Heads)
    « Change » ( Tears Fo Fears)
     » I want the one I can’t have » ( Smiths)
    « New Gold dream » ( Simple Minds)

    The set may last a little bit less than two hours; after two hours from David ( with much more DM and Fad and Tuxedo moon ,etc…) and the first hour Virgile already made … As you may see the second hour of his set is much more « synthpop » because more people joined the party, especially Val’s older friends …
    Hope it’ll be usefull 😉


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