Soundtrack of our lives

Pontaillac, november 1985

Dear Alban,

There are so many things boiling in my head since you’ve freed my brother , since the evening ( or should I say the night) you gave us for holiday.

What a party… We were all stunned to see you, so measured and cool in “real life” being such a savage player on boards ! And first of all, Virgile and you are completing each other so well, does this long, and strong friendship make it?
Because if it is so, I want the same, I’d love so much to share all these musical streams, side by side with a dear someone; like you do.

And shall I thank you enough for playing several Propaganda’s songs? It seems you both rewrote our story by choosing them, at perfect moments, as if this set was also our scream of victory for Colin.
I love this thought that mixing could shape the soundtrack of our own lives, with songs created in a totally different context, with feelings that have strictly nothing to do with ours.
For example, I’ve read that there were huge tensions in a band like New Order, how is it that rivalry as its height can produce such a jubilant sound for us?
The sound of holidays, the sound of Colin running along the beach, freed from the future that was drawn for him, the sound of us all reunited in what our listener’s life is made of, for god’s sake…

You don’t know how much nights like this motivate me to work and to escape Cordouan High School next year. It’s so clear to me now, La Rochelle is the only place. But there’s a difficulty we found out by calling Dautet High School with Colin.
The musical section is in such demand that it is no longer derogatory. On the other hand, the strengthens german option can secure me a place in this High School. I’m gonna ask for both, time to be excellent in german all this year to put all the chances on my side.

We have to create a personal folder to prepare our March travel in Stuttgart. German pals must do the same work, it will allow pairings, but it will also be a mark with a large coefficient for us.
I want to do mine about “A Secret Wish” ; Colin shall help me for the writing, he’s an excellent germanist; but I was also thinking about you and all the knowledge you can have on the band and their sound.

I know I’m asking it while you are already overwhelmed with work; it could be just why you chose their songs on the set , in what spirit you did integrate them in it; if their lyrics plaid a part in your choices. But there’s time, I must submit the work just before Christmas break.

Have a nice month; big hug to you my Alb; and infinite thanks again for all that you do,


7 commentaires sur “Soundtrack of our lives

  1. Here’s what I thought for alban’s set on victory’s eve ( Rochefort)
    1. P.Machinery (Extended)
    2. Sub-Culture ( on Low-Life)
    3. Glittering Prize ( Extended Club Mix)
    4. The Walk ( Everything Mix)
    5. Cities In Dust ( Extended)
    6. Duel ( Extended)
    7. Tora! Tora! Tora ! ( Alternative Reconstruction Mix)
    8. Senses ( From Movement)
    9. Anne Clark – Our Darkness
    10. Kas Product – Break Loose ( story of ordinary insecurity at night for girls …)
    11. Propaganda- Das Testament des Mabuse
    12. Spellbound ( 12″Mix)
    13. The Village ( PCAL)
    14. Alive & Kicking ( album just released)
    15. Fly On the Windscreen ( Extended 1985)
    16. Something To Do ( Extended 12″ Mix)
    17. Jewelled ( from US album of remixes « Wishful Thinking » )
    It lasts circa 1 hour 45 … but if you all have other ideas ! ❤


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