Cherries and Joy

La Rochelle, June 1986

My dear Epo,

There are cherries in Virgile’s father’s garden. Of these big Burlats which are almost black when ripe.
Their liquor-like and warm-sunny taste when they burst in the mouth would bring anyone to the gates of orgasm.
No, no, I’m not straying; I just think you’ll taste them in June, next year. For all goes well, Lark.
All goes wonderfully well.

You’re in town next year, and that’s all we wanted; not true? So let slip this veil of sadness.

You’re not accepted in the musical section. So what ?  Name just one of the musicians you love who followed such a course … Do you really believe that they presented their conservatory curriculum when arriving in the recording studios ? Let slip this veil of sadness, you’ll make music . There’s a guitar by me which waits for you.

Colin told me they live in the city center. I would be curious to know how they will be able to constantly keep an eye on you. More, I wouldn’t be surprised that Sixtine let herself be drawn into the race for independence. I’ll even have to watch Virgile who’s got a strong taste for the first Communion girls’ genre …

Nice name, I must admit; but even nicer is the way you talk about her. I don’t seem to find the lexicon of jealousy in there; if jealousy had always this soft lyricism , how many dramas could we avoid ! What you feel about nice girls could not be jealousy. So let slip this veil of sadness.

You already didn’t let the anger stiffen you, and believe me; it’s an excellent sign. All my respects for our dear Colin, , but he doesn’t adopt the right strategy. We don’t deal with Edouard there, and even when I was in front of him , for the first time, and quite nervous to be honest; did you see me let go of my smile?
Too much resentment unfortunately closes all the locks, while fun is most often contagious. Let slip this veil of sadness; we will eventually tame them. One step at a time, and music shall help, as always.

So, you’ve joined the “ Big Mac”’s admirers team ? You would be to say the least surprised by his personality.
L’Equerre mentions his “his reserve and his almost sickly shyness” , I wonder where they went to get this; he must have had a serious and solid hangover when they saw him … Because he’s far, but really very far from the ethereal romantic who they imagine… Virgile will tell you !

Last thing, Lark; I’m sorry but I won’t be in Royan for Depeche Mode’s concert. I’m invited in Lucca for the all month of August, I’ve never been to Italy and in fact, I’ve not taken real holidays the last three years. I need sun, sweetness and idleness; which I dream about so much.
But let’s write to each other, like we did for almost a year now … if we ever get old, we’ll be able to laugh at our youth’s stupidity by taking all these letters ! But I love them so much, I feel like chatting open-heartedly with you, like on the terrace of a café, without style effects.

Have the best summer, Epo, and for this , I give you a prescription of joy.


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