Beyond The Gates

Pontaillac, August 1986 Dear Alban, I’ve been waiting for days, we all have. For summer, Depeche Mode coming back in the great south west of France and we’re in ! 11th of August, on the Stadium Esplanade. I had never found such interest in this place … The old-stock inhabitants must have thought it queer … Lire la suite Beyond The Gates

Palmones & Love

Algesiras, July 1986 My dear Alb, I guess this letter will be quite long, since this trip was a surprise for Colin as well as for me. Because he’s leaving for Berlin, and that he will settle there at the end of the summer; parents decided to give us a holiday in the sun, maybe … Lire la suite Palmones & Love

Is Martin Gore cool ?

The mistrust that my father began to nurture against us can also find its roots in a small sequence which we watch with amusement today. But which certainly caused some generation conflicts in France. On the 7th of May (1986) , Depeche Mode were invited on the set of the 12 o’clock news by Antenne … Lire la suite Is Martin Gore cool ?

Cherries and Joy

La Rochelle, June 1986 My dear Epo, There are cherries in Virgile’s father’s garden. Of these big Burlats which are almost black when ripe.Their liquor-like and warm-sunny taste when they burst in the mouth would bring anyone to the gates of orgasm.No, no, I’m not straying; I just think you’ll taste them in June, next … Lire la suite Cherries and Joy

Nocturnal Sixtine

Pontaillac, June 1986 Dear Alb, It’s been a while since I’ve not written to you. I didn’t want you to be worried during your exams , but I thought on calling you several times.There are some news for me , goods and bads I fear; but you’ll tell me. I need your positive state of … Lire la suite Nocturnal Sixtine


Pontaillac, June 1986 How you came into my houseI thought you were an enemyA viper’s songA siren’s touchAnd all that makes softness deadly Don’t understand youYou saidBut you’re not even tryingYou’re not even trying How your cruel dark eyes appearedThis was my last dreaming of brassSubtile musicFine elegyShivering in your heart of glass Don’t care … Lire la suite Surrounded

About Shame, etc …

La Rochelle, May 1986 My very dear Epo, I wouldn’t like to know you on anxiolytics in a year or two. Really not.So let’s give a good doc’s kick to this patriarchal and secular construction that is shame. What is shame ? It is often justified as a necessary safeguard, an interior director of consciousness, … Lire la suite About Shame, etc …


Pontaillac, April 1986 « She will be happy, your mother teacher …”Poor pathetic asshole, if she was a garbage collector, she would be “happy” too. When I unfairly felt the weight of kohl on my eyelids, of leather on my shoulders, of docs at my feet; they ended up bringing me back home. To cum like … Lire la suite Celebrationers

Greta’s Eyes

Stuttgart, March 1986 Dear Alban I received your letter just before leaving, I read and read it again in the train, at night ; when everybody was sleeping in the compartment around me. I thank you for telling me things with such sincerity, and the problem is that I can understand you both in different ways … Lire la suite Greta’s Eyes

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